Steve Galler Music

steveSteve Galler Music produces and promotes the music written by Steve Galler for schools.

Steve has unique experience both as a school music teacher and as a professional entertainer.  His songs are musically interesting, educational and, above all, FUN to sing!

Printed music and backing tracks are both available.

Please contact Steve:


September: Heigh Ho, here we go, we're off to school again!

October: Now's the time for the harvest

November: In N O V E M B E R (spelling song)

December: Frosty mornings, long dark nights

January: Rock into the future

February: Pancake song

March: Spring

April: Don't be too surprised

May: Splish-splash

June: Long hot summer days

July: Take me to a tropic island


Everyone's good at something

Which, what, when, why?

and many more


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